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Garfield the Movie (Fantasy Crossover Edition) is a crossover wiki pad of the 2004 live-action movie based on the Garfield cartoon and comic strips. Starring Timmy Turner as Garfield the Cat. Odie as Himself. Edd as Jon Arbuckle and many others.

Notes Edit

  • Timmy Turner and certain others will be portrayed as animals as opposed to being humans in their respective shows.

Quote 1Edit

  • Timmy: (in a singsong voice) Oh, Sleepy-Edd, wake up! (in regular voice) You can quit dreaming about me because I'm here now, wake up, bud! You got work to do! You're my owner and care giver!
  • Edd (sleepy): Not now, Timmy.... *in unison, wraps his left arm around, Timmy*, sleepy sleepy sleepy....
  • Timmy: (in unison): *grunts and groans* Alright, alright, cut it! *breaks free* Tryin' to cuddle with me and avoid the jobs I give ya, eh?! *climbs up the furniture* I've been doing my everyday workout at this. Just one quick.... *in unison jumps and pounces on Edd* BELLY FLOP!!!!
  • Edd: OUCH! *groans*
  • Timmy: Morning, Eddie!
  • Edd (in a groaning way): Timmy....!!!! *scene cuts to Edd singing in the shower*
  • Edd (singing Il Volo's "This Time"/ voice only): Tell me you're heeerrrreee...! Tell me I'm hooommeeee...!
  • Timmy: Alright, buddy! I think you're tidy enough now! *flushes the toilet, burning Edd in the shower*
  • Edd (voice only): Ouch! HOT! HOT! OWWWW!!!!
  • Timmy (voice only / in unison to Edd screaming): Towel's waitin' for ya!
  • Edd (voice only): TIMMY, NO!!!! *scene cuts to the kitchen at breakfast with Edd heating up his Hash In A Dash liver, and scrapes Timmy's liver-flavored Kibbly Kat food into Timmy's bowl, then microwave beeps and Edd takes out his Hash In A Dash liver*
  • Edd: Here's your liver flavored Kibbly Kat, my fine feline. Bon appetit!
  • Timmy (sarcastically): Oh boy... my favorite! BLECH! *Edd grabs spoon, and unwittingly eats Timmy's cat food after Timmy secretly switched the breakfasts around without Edd knowing*
  • Edd (after finding out he's eating Timmy's cat food after seeing Timmy eating his Hash In A Dash liver): Oh... oh GRACIOUS LIVER!!!! *runs to the sink and tries spitting it out*
  • Timmy: Actually, it's liver FLAVORED. *scene cuts to Timmy outside* Ah, nothin' as sweet as a good breakfast to get the day going! Think I'll knock the catkins diet and kick-start a little high-in-fat chaser. (sees the milk truck) Mmmm...
  • Johnny: Timmy! What'cha doin'? Ya see the milk truck?!
  • Timmy (sarcastically): Really, Johnny? I had no idea considering it only comes EVERY DAY.
  • Johnny: Maybe not today even. I'll bet some new milk man's gonna take over and put our old one outta a job! Let's boogie and see what he's up to!
  • Timmy: How about no?
  • Johnny: But-!
  • Timmy: Nope-!
  • Johnny: But-!
  • Timmy: No more buts! I never leave this cul-de-sac for ANY reason! It's full of melee out there! The worst things imaginable are probably waiting for me! Besides, my motto is "If you wait long enough, it all comes to you!"
  • Johnny (singing): La-de-da-de-da-de-da La-laaaa! La-de-da-la-la-da-daaaa!
  • Timmy: Hey, Johnny. I got an idea. What's say to another game of Crash Nebula today!?
  • Johnny: Really?
  • Timmy: Yeah. I never get tired of that game. You're the bravest space fighter I know! Prepare to hop into your spaceship, Crash Melonhead!
  • Johnny: W-what about the milk, Tim?
  • Timmy: There ain't time for milk! A task must be completed! And I think you'll love this one...
  • Johnny: Why?
  • Timmy: You're gonna have adventures on the milky way!
  • Johnny: Right on!
  • Timmy: You always have me on the edge of my seat when you hop in ready for ignition! (in unison, Johnny gets in the bucket) Thank you! Says the nation! Prepare to fire your ship!
  • Johnny: I'm in position!
  • Timmy: 3, 2, 1, FIRE! (pulls a rope causing Johnny in the bucket to go up)
  • Johnny: Whoa! I feel weird!
  • Timmy: Sayonara!
  • Johnny: Woo-hoo-hoo!
  • Timmy: Whatever you do, don't look down! (in unison, a glass milk container on a plank from the wooden stoop tipped over pouring milk out and Timmy drank it as it flowed from above)
  • Johnny (voice only): I can see Plank at my house from up here!
  • Timmy: (burps) Got milk?
  • Johnny: I can see the entire cul-de-sac!
  • Timmy: Uh-huh. (licks his lips)
  • Johnny: (chattering)
  • (Timmy then sees a pie from across the street)
  • Timmy (unleashes the rope and the bucket plummets downward): Mission completed, Crash Melonhead!
  • Johnny: (screaming in unison as he fell while covered by the bucket) Right on, Timmy! What a ride! Where'd everybody go?!
  • Eddy: What're you doin' here, Twerper? This ain't your side of the street! Beat it!
  • Timmy: Ha! Sorry, dude, but you ain't exactly on the right side of the evolutionary curve!
  • Eddy: Oh, you're gonna get it now...!
  • Timmy: I'm sure I will! 'Cuz if by it you mean come out on top again, then I will!
  • (in unison, as Timmy was walking around Eddy's yard of gnomes Eddy's chain followed him)
  • Eddy: Oh, you're not getting to me, Timmy Twerper! I'm wise to what you're up to!
  • Timmy: Not even if I use a shiny quarter to draw your attention?!
  • Eddy: Just try me!
  • Timmy: How can I try when you don't make it hard?!
  • Eddy: You'll never fleece me! *grunts* What the-!? (finds that his chain has trapped him around his yard of garden gnomes)
  • Timmy: Oh, but I believe I did!
  • Eddy: I was so close!
  • (Then James Brown's "I Feel Good" began playing in the background)
  • Timmy: Oh yeah! In your face, dog! Kiss my furry butt! Go Timmy! Go Timmy! Go Timmy!
  • Eddy: Oh, you'll have fun. Healing after I get free-!
  • Timmy: Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Everybody back away! This dance could get dangerous!
  • (Scene goes to Timmy walking down the street with Johnny who was pulling the pie on a skateboard)
  • Timmy: Yeah! Who doesn't love the smell of apple cinnamon in the morning?! It's the smell of victory!
  • Eddy: I will have my day, weekend-wrecker!
  • (Scene then goes to Double-D on his computer)

Quote 2 Edit

  • Timmy: Lumpy! What's the big idea sneakin' into Double-D's house when he's home?!
  • Ed: It wasn't my fault, Timmy!
  • Timmy: Dude, when he sees you, he expects more from ME. Don't you get it?
  • Ed: My belly told me it was bottomless gravy day in your house! Bad belly! (slaps it repeatedly) BAAAD!
  • Timmy: Look. Just try to control yourself, alright? And I won't have to resort to eating you.
  • Ed: Right-o!

Quote 3 Edit

  • Edd: *walks in the door with shopping bags* Salutations, my fine pet.
  • Timmy: Ooh! What's in the bag?! *follows Edd*
  • Eustace (on T.V): And remember, be HAPPY. *scene cuts to Timmy and Edd in the kitchen*
  • Timmy: Oh, I'm happy alright. When I'm surrounded by the marinara-ricotta-filled layers of pasta! 
  • Edd: Timmy, keep your distance. I bought those lasganas for myself specifically. *leaves the kitchen*
  • Timmy (smart alecky): No problem. I'll just nibble. *scene cuts to the T.V*
  • Christopher Mello: And thanks for joining us, I'm Christopher Mello, and remember.... (he and Eustace together) *in unison, both point and flex their index finger* BE HAPPY. *scene fades to the studio at Telegraph Tower*
  • Eustace: *sneezes repetitively* Gimme the benadryl! I need benadryl! *takes the benadryl and swallows it* Stupid cat allergies! *scene cuts to Eustace and Crocker (while holding Persnikitty) walking in the hall* Any word from the network, Crocker?
  • Crocker (while holding Persnikitty): No, Sir. But they are searching for a dumb dog act on "Good Day New York".
  • Eustace: What?! A stupid dog act?! How full of garbage can ya get?! I shoot commercials with stupid cats and now they expect me to film with a stupid dog?! *scene cuts to them entering Eustace's office*
  • Crocker: But the segment went well, Sir.
  • Eustace: *mocks Crocker* Of course it went well, you imbecile! My wife Muriel and her stupid dog, Courage who saw it loved it. *scene cuts to the T.V*
  • Mr. Krabs (on T.V): Aye! This is Mr. Krabs reporting live from the Hague! *continues chattering on T.V*
  • Eustace: Blah, blah, blah! Who cares how smart you are, ya Red Lobster dish?! 
  • Mr. Krabs (on T.V): Over to ye, Dan! *scene cuts to Edd walking in the kitchen*
  • Edd: *walks in the door* Timmy! Did you consume all 4 boxes of lasagna?
  • Timmy: *hiccups* It ain't my fault! Blame the lasagna! *belches*
  • Edd: *sighs* What am I do with a clownish feline like you?
  • Timmy: Love me? Feed me? Adore me? *sighs and faints*
  • Edd: Now c'mon, Timmy. I'm taking you somewhere that always leaves you relaxed and comfortable.
  • Timmy: *as Edd picked him up* Oh, I know! Wall E Weasels! *scene cuts to Edd carrying Timmy to his car to take him to the vet* Thank you! No, Krusty Burger? Krusty Krab? No? I'm stumped, maybe....Pops' Moon Palace for you? (to himself) Hmmmm..... the only reason I leave my cul-de-sac is when Edd takes me to the vet, in which NONE of it has to do with me. *Edd starts his car* He wants to go... *as Edd pulls away* for his OWN dumb reason. *scene cuts to Jackie in the vet's office*
  • Jackie: Hmm, there's nothing wrong with Timmy, he's just a happy, fat, lazy cat with a silly pink hat.

Quote 4 Edit

Quote 5 Edit

  • Jackie: Eddward, there's something I need to ask you. Something I wouldn't ask most men who come in here.
  • Edd: Oh, dear-! Not to worry. I think I know where you're going with this.
  • Jackie: You do?
  • Edd: Most assuredly. Jackie, I've been wanting to ask you the same for a very long time.
  • Jackie: Are you sure we're both on the same subject?
  • Edd: Absolutely. I've never been more positive in my entire life! Jackie, this chance I've awaited...I am well ready for...
  • (Then another nurse entered carrying a dog)
  • Edd: ...A canine? Yes! I'm ready for a dog!
  • Jackie: I think he likes you. (puts the dog in Edd's arms in unison)
  • (Dog licks Edd's face)
  • Edd: Frisky young canine indeed.
  • Jackie: His name's Odie. And he won't make it if he has to live his entire life in a cage. He needs to be loved.

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Quote 8 Edit

  • Timmy: Give me two minutes with ya! Waaaiiitt-!
  • Eddy: Twerper! Yes! I got you now!
  • Timmy (nervously): Uh, that a nice new chain you're wearing? (in unison, Eddy's chain is shown cut and loose) It suits you. A lot. Chase any good cars lately...?
  • Eddy: I've been waiting years for this moment.
  • Timmy (nervously): Normal years or dog years?
  • Eddy: (growls)
  • Timmy: *gulps*
  • (Then Odie appeared under Eddy)
  • Eddy: What the-?! Get lost, mutt-muffin!
  • (Then Odie licked Eddy's chin)
  • Timmy: Eddy, meet Odie. Odie, meet Eddy. Eddy, do me a solid and gobble him up, please?
  • Bubbles: Timmykins! Did you get a boo-boo?!
  • Timmy: I'm fine, Bubsy. Eddy here's about to eat Odie up for lunch!
  • Bubbles: Timmy-! If it wasn't for cute, little Odie, Eddy would've made you his new chew toy already!
  • Johnny: Right on. Odie saved your heiny! Odie's our hero! Odie's the top dog!
  • Timmy: Just 'cuz I wasn't torn to bits doesn't mean Odie ain't a force to be reckoned with. He's an idiotic dog until further notice. *scene cuts to Edd's bedroom*
  • Timmy (as Odie went on top of Edd's bed): Hey, moondust. If I were you, I'd find a sweet load of carpet. Edd NEVER lets me sleep on the bed AT ALL with him.
  • Edd (cutely): *enters the room* Odie...did you want to sleep in the bed with me? By all means, I'm happy with it.
  • Timmy (as Edd continues taking cutely to Odie / squeamish): I think.... I'm g-gonna vomit... as if I rode the Spleen Puncher.
  • Edd: Goodnight Odie, goodnight, Timmy.
  • Timmy: Great, I'll have nightmares tonight! *goes to sleep* *scene fades to the morning*

Quote 9 Edit

  • Johnny: Gee, Bubbles. Timmy's boogieing with Odie! See? What'd I tell ya? They're buddies now!
  • Timmy: Huh?! Augh! Odie! (pushes him away) I was dancing solo and a weird, creepy dog sneaks up next to me? Can you believe some pets, guys?!
  • Odie: (barks twice)
  • Timmy: Thanks for that, guys. Oh great. MORE trouble.
  • (Jackie pulls into Edd's driveway)
  • (Edd then comes out well-dressed and waves at her)
  • Timmy: What a dopey look on his face.
  • Edd: Come please, Odie. (picks him up) That's it. Atta boy.
  • Timmy: He's bringin' him back to the vet?! PLEASE tell me that's where you're bringing him. Are you at least putting him up for adoption?
  • (in unison, Edd, with Odie, walks over to Jackie's truck)
  • Johnny: Hey, Timmy. Double-D's bringin' Odie along on his date with Jackie and leavin' you behind.
  • Timmy (sarcastically): Thanks, Johnny. I couldn't tell...
  • Johnny: They're goin' on an adventure and here you are still stuck here!
  • Timmy: And the point you're getting at...?
  • Johnny: Gee, you should feel at least a little bad. I mean, Double-D bringing Odie out. It's're no longer his favorite!
  • Timmy: Hey. What's say to a game of brain surgeon? You can fetch me my power tools! (sigh) This stinks. Double-D's outta his mind and has forgotten how important I am to him. I need to be up to date with him in these rough times. Waaiiiit-! (chases after Jackie's truck)

Quote 10 Edit

Quote 11 Edit

  • Edd: Would you fancy to enter my home, Jackie?
  • Jackie: N-Not today.
  • Edd (depressed): I should have known better...
  • Jackie: Edd, I want to come over, but not today, because I have to fill in for another vet.
  • Edd: Do tell, Jackie.
  • Jackie: How's Sunday?
  • Edd: Oh, Su-Sunday's good, Jackie.
  • Jackie: *giggles, and then kisses Edd*
  • Edd: So.... we'll get together Sunday. *he and Odie exit the track, and Jackie giggles* *scene cuts to Timmy in the house*
  • Timmy: I don't understand it! It was all about me, Timmy Turner! Not some mangy, bubble-butted mutt with GROSS sauerkraut and shrimp-puff halitosis! *shudders violently in rage* (angrily) YAH! *in unison, he hits Odie's ball, causing destruction in the house, then the furniture falls on Timmy after the plug came loose*
  • Edd: *enters the room humming, then pauses in horror surveying the damage*
  • Timmy: Huh?! *smiles* *scene cuts to Edd kicking Timmy out of the house*
  • Timmy (as Edd put him down on the porch outside): Aw, c'mon, Double-D, you gotta hear me out! It's not my fault! He's trying to tear us apart! That's his plan! I'm too lazy to destroy the house! I was pushed to my boiling point! It's the truth! You can't lock me outta my own house! I'm no wild animal! I'm your pet!
  • Edd: A night outside the house is a most fitting punishment for the disaster area you created, Timmy.
  • Timmy: Me?! Punished?! But-!
  • Edd: Good night, Timmy.
  • Timmy (in a crying way): Edd, gimme one more cha- *then Edd slams the door in Timmy's face* Aw, C'mon! Double-D! Double-D! Y-You know I'm scared of the "boogeyman"! *music plays in the background* (singing) Used to be Edd and myself. Day or night. Ain't no one else...From morn to meals would come...I'd lounge around in my nice, warm home...Now here I am in the cooolld night...All alooone 'til the dawn's first light...I'm in a new dooog...state of mind...Always thought I...had a home...A special place I named my own...But now the dog's in and...I'm out! Ain't got no Edd. And aiin't got nooo bed! (sobs in a singing way) I'm in a new dooog...state of miiiind...! (sobs in a crying way) *Odie comes to the window to try and comfort a selfish Timmy* Get away from me.... y-y-you won... th-th-the house his yours... *sadly climbs down from the roof and goes to sleep on the porch sobbing to himself* *Odie comes out of the dog-door to try and comfort Timmy* Odie, you came out to keep my company? Thanks a bunch.[jumps through the dog door] And thank YOU for filling my place! [Odie whines] *sings rudely* Bring in the dog and put out the cat! Yakkity yak! Don't look back! See ya in the morning, dog! *Odie barks in horror* *scene cuts to Timmy going to bed* *sighs* At least I taught that dumb dog a lesson not to mess with the Timmy. In matter of fact, tomorrow I'll teach Odie how to drink out of the toilet and rip the sofa! *scene switches to Odie whining and whimpering)
  • Bubbles (sadly in horror): could Timmy be such a big stinker?!
  • Johnny: Why is that, Bubbles?
  • Bubbles: Dogs aren't supposed to be left out at night like that.
  • Johnny: How come?
  • Bubbles (sadly): Because cute little puppies like him.... run away. *sobs cutely*

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